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Around the Island collection

Our soft furniture designer was directly inspired from Sumba Island and Nusa Penida to create this collection. The patterns are meticulously cut out and sewed one by one on every cushion cover, using the applique method. This method consists of sewing together the edges of two same pieces of linen materials that have already been shaped in the right form before turning them inside out to make the stitching invisible. This technique is reproduced for each pattern on every cushion to get a perfect finish for each item. 

IKAT Sumba Horse 01
Ikat Sumba Horse 02
IKAT Sumba 01
Ikat Sumba 02

Sumba Island

Sumba Island
Ikat Nusa Penida 01
IKAT Nusa Penida 02
IKAT Nusa Penida 03
IKAT Nusa Penida 04
IKAT Nusa Penida 05
Nusa Penida Island

Nusa Penida Island

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