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Villa Tjitrap

At the center of busy Seminyak, Villa Tjitrap is an oasis of calm. This gorgeous villa is mixing modern and the spirit of old Javanese plantation house to create a unique atmosphere. Even though the villa was designed by the architect Mr. Ross Franklin, Canela Bali added its own touch of decoration in some parts of the house.

GIF Tjitrap slower.gif

Starting with this children bedroom, all reclaimed teak wooden-made. You can really see the meticulous work of our team when it comes to all the little details on the ceiling and the ones of the banister rail. The bedrock and the windows contours are also wooden-made, which brings a total harmony in the room, beside a natural-feeling emphasized by the amount of wood.

All reclaimed teak wooden bedroom.
-	All reclaimed teak wooden bedroom.

Every room has a wood touch; it is essential to conserve the harmony of the house. You can see a tenon low table in the living-room, a floating entertainment center in the media room, a sumptuous dining table in the middle of the space and a gazebo to relax in front of the pool. All these furniture pieces are made from reclaimed teak wood.

Tenon table made by Canela Bali.
Reclaimed teak wooden dining-table.
Floating entertainment center.
Reclaimed teak wooden gazebo.

Concerning the soft furniture, Canela Bali opted for full upholstery sofas. One is a red sofa club with designed red and black pillows, and the other one is a light blue lounge sofa with ivory pillows. 

Full upholstery sofa club.
Full upholstery sofa.
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