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Silversand Villa

Situated at the north of beautiful Tanah Lot, the Silversand Villa is the perfect location to make you forget about the crowd and bring you moments of tranquility.

GIF Silversand slower.gif

The kitchen furniture items were elaborated with reclaimed teak wood, as well as the bathroom mirror and the washstand. It creates a perfect balance between the modern white details and the charm of the ancient.

Modern wooden kitchen.
Reclaimed teak wooden bathroom furniture.

Becoming almost as important as the indoor, the outdoor space has to be taken care of in you want an harmonious living space. Our designers created a gazebo and outdoor lounge chairs from reclaimed teak wood, completed by blue fabrics for a beachy style.

Reclaimed teak wooden gazebo.
Light blue sundecks.

In the living-room, the main sofa has a dark grey cover to contrast the white walls, completed with light blue and ivory throw pillows to add luminosity to the room.

For the other living-room, Canela Bali opted for a brighter sofa cover, matching the light wood of the terrace, and some pastel green pillows for a smooth rendering.

Beachy style living-room set.
Bright living-room set.
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