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Outdoor furniture - Canela Bali
Outdoor sofa and coffee table for Villa Kubu - Canela Bali

Canela Bali furniture and soft furniture are conceived to fulfill all your needs for your home and your business. Each of our product is designed using high quality materials and reclaimed woods. It is hand made in our premises following all your requests to satisfy you with a somptuous output.

Our product design services include:

Advises from our specialists and designers

Space planning, furniture layout, soft furniture sample

3D furniture design

Unique custom made product

We offer interior design services by conceiving tailored furniture and soft furniture for homes and businesses. From curtain, pillow and sofa to bed, table and kitchen, we dress up all your interiors to create the harmony that suits you the best. We respect your identity and the essence of your company as we plan together the concept of it and implement the high-end image that you deserve through each piece that will be especially created for you.

You can fully enjoy our 3D interior design to have a great idea of what will be the result of your dreamed plans. 

We work on ...

Tables  Sofas  Chairs  Closets  Curtains   Pillows  Mirrors  Bed Linen  And more...

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