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Villa Kubu

Located in southern Seminyak, Villa Kubu provides luxurious rooms and facilities to make your stay as perfect as possible. Each villa has its own style and unique design. Canela Bali designed the whole rooms, using reclaimed teak wood to build the furniture pieces and the best fabrics for the soft furniture.

GIF Kubu slower.gif

For the living rooms, Canela Bali opted for modern chic sofas as it perfectly matches the atmosphere of this spacious interior. Adding a bright-coloured sofa cover and throw pillows in pale hues, it emphasizes the size of the room and makes it lighter. The wooden furniture pieces definitely bring a charm to the living-rooms.

Modern chic living-room set.
Contemporary living-room set.

As the atmosphere of the villa was all about modern and chic, the bedrooms needed to follow the path. Canela Bali chose the same bright tones as the ones used for the living-rooms and included some wood touches for a warmer ambiance.

Modern bedroom by Canela Bali.
Romantic chic bedroom with post-bed.
Modern chic bedroom by Canela Bali.

For Villa Kubu, we decided to create an outdoor living-room in the same spirit as the indoor one: a spacious sofa, some bright colors and significant wood touches, creating a cozy atmosphere.

Modular sofa made by Canela Bali.
Scandinavian living-room set.
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