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The charm of the wood in a bathroom is undeniable. It creates a special atmosphere that completes the house with elegance. Reclaimed wood can be shaped and colored in all sorts to suit your room and your tastes. Completed with our designed mirrors, it becomes a compelling ensemble that cannot be found anywhere else.


Our bathrooms

Bathrooms have a particular importance in Bali, they are very spacious and vast. Embodied by the strong presence of the wood and bright elements, these bathrooms spread an atmosphere of relaxation and calm. The furniture used in the bathrooms designed by Canela Bali are made from reclaimed teak wood.

Traditional Balinese bathroom.
Traditional Balinese bathroom.
Modern white bathroom.
Modern white bathroom.


Adding a wooden contour to the mirror puts the emphasize on the natural feeling present in the interior.

Our mirror contours are made from reclaimed teak wood and designed in unique shapes.

Wooden mirror contour.
Wooden mirror contour.


Canela Bali creates bathroom washstands from reclaimed teak wood and designs them in unique shapes for more singularity in your interior.

Funnel-shaped washstand.
4.	Elegant straight washstand.
Floating washstand.
Massive washstand in a baroque style.
Long washstand.

Bathroom ottomans

Our bathroom ottomans are made from reclaimed teak wood and completed with light-coloured soft furniture to add luminosity in the interior.

Oval-shaped ottoman.
Round-shaped ottoman.
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