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Villa Nalika

In the heart of Canggu countryside, south Bali, Villa Nalika is a modern riverfront villa with a huge garden and infinite swimming -pool to enjoy Bali sunny days in family or with friends.

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The bedrooms are combining both modern attributes and Balinese charms.

All the furniture are made from reclaimed teak wood as the foundation of the rooms. Concerning the soft furniture, both rooms embody the Bali style with colorful pillows and bed runners with traditional patterns.

Bali style bedroom.
Bali style bedroom.

In the media room, we can find the wood again for the furniture. Canela Bali chose a light grey sofa cover and pop blue pillows. The particularity of this room is that you can turn the two beds into one sofa as this style of furniture is a sofa bed; convenient and good looking.

Beachy style media room with sofa bed.
Beachy style media room with sofa bed.

The living-room is composed of a long sofa and a low table, both made from reclaimed teak wood. The sofa cover is light grey-coloured and the throw pillows are in different hues of blue for a beachy style.

The kitchen furniture pieces are also made from reclaimed teak wood, including modern facilities to contrast the "ancient" side of the room.

The dining-room is embodied by an imposing reclaimed teak wooden dining-table, designed by Canela Bali. Its unique shape adds character to the interior.

Minimalist living-room set.
Reclaimed teak wooden kitchen.
Minimalist dining-table.

Concerning the bathroom, the washstand is made from reclaimed teak wood, as well as the windows contours. It contrasts the white mirror and little details of the room, and give the feeling of being closer to nature, which is essential in Balinese interiors.

Reclaimed teak wooden washboard.
Bali style bathroom.
Wooden bathroom washboard and mirrors.

The outdoor mattering a lot in Balinese houses, it had to be the case in this villa too. This is why Canela Bali designed deckchairs and sunshades in a Bali style; a wooden base and a light blue fabric to remind the colour of the water.

Modern sundecks and sunshades.
Bali style outdoor sofa.
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