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LataLiana Villas

Located in the heart of Seminyak, south Bali, LataLiana Villas offer a wide choice of spaces, ideal to enjoy family time or spend a romantic getaway. Canela Bali designed the whole villas, from the reclaimed teak wooden furniture pieces, to the throw pillows of each room, in order to create modern and luxurious interior.

Canela Bali designed a long wooden sofa with a bright sofa cover, popped up by the light green and the traditional pattern of the throw pillows.

The dining-table is also wooden-made and long-shaped to add greatness to the room. Completed with light blue chairs, Scandinavian-inspired, it reminds the colour of the pool and perfectly matches the whole atmosphere of the villa.

Contemporary living-room set.
Contemporary dining-room.

In each bedroom you can find the same basis: a wooden bed, white linen for the cover and some designed pillows and bed runners to add colors and warm up the room.

Zen bedroom by Canela Bali.
-	Modern romantic bedroom by Canela Bali.
Baroque chic master bedroom.

In perfect harmony with the all-white details of the room and the nature-feeling given by the amount of plants, Canela Bali decided to add a wooden touch to the bathrooms. The furniture pieces created from reclaimed teak wood will make you feel closer to nature.

Modern chic bathroom.
Modern chic bathroom.
GIF Lataliana slower.gif

The outdoor has a lot of wooden touches, starting with the sundecks. They are all reclaimed teak wooden made and completed with a soft-coloured fabric. In front of the pool, you can rest under a gazebo made with light blue fabrics and throw pillows in soft hues.

Wooden sundecks made by Canela Bali.
Wooden gazebo made by Canela Bali.
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