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Villa Nambung

Situated in the south west of the island of Lombok, the neighbor island of Bali, Villa Nambung was entirely made by Canela Bali in terms of wood furniture. Our designer carried the project to decorate the whole house with reclaimed teak wooden furniture.

The global style of the villa is minimalist and modern. The corner sofa was then designed in a minimalist style, kept at the same height than the low table for more uniformity in the room.

Minimalist sofa made by Canela Bali.
Minimalist living-room set.

In the media room below, you can see a reclaimed teak wooden table with a glass at the top. On the right-side picture, you can find a corner sofa, slightly higher than the other ones but still minimalist and modern. The wooden table designed in a unique shape adds character to the interior.

Reclaimed teak wood low table.
Reclaimed teak wood low table.

As the living space was open and spacious, it needed to be filled with wide and imposing furniture items.

Our designer created a long and massive dining table in a unique shape that perfectly matches the other wooden furniture pieces of the room and create a contrast with the white chairs and walls around.

Reclaimed teak wood dining-table.
Minimalist dining-table.

The kitchen is composed of a statement furniture all wooden-made and a central island unit, topped with a glazing black slab for the modern touch. In this way, the kitchen respects the spirit of the villa by mixing ancient and modernity.

Modern wooden kitchen.
Modern wooden kitchen.

How impressive is this outdoor ? A huge terrace and an infinite pool... Adding long wooden sofas, the place is perfect to relax under the sun and admire the view.

The dining-table is also wooden-made, in a modern style, and long enough to gather all the family or friends.

Outdoor minimalist sofa.
Modern dining-table.
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