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Canela Bali has started to design and manufacture kitchens from reclaimed wood and is planning to keep developing this field knowing the main importance of a kitchen in a house. A kitchen is an essential room and needs a precise proficiency to perfectly suit your interior. Canela’s kitchens are custom-made in order to suit your wishes the best we can, helping you to organize an enjoyable place for cooking. 


Reclaimed teak wood kitchens

Our kitchen furniture items are made from reclaimed teak wood. Mixed with modern facilities such as black glaze fridge, dishwasher or gas cooker, the character of the wood really emerges from the interior.  

Central island.
Wooden kitchen furniture.
Wooden kitchen furniture.
Wooden kitchen furniture by Canela Bali.
Marble topped kitchen furniture
Wooden made kitchen.
Wooden kitchen.

Duco finishing  kitchens

Canela Bali also designs and creates modern kitchens with duco finishing, in order to fit every style of interior. 

Modern kitchen.
Modern kitchen.
Green kitchen.
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