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A bedroom is a personal space that must be in accordance with each one’s individuality. Canela’s priority is to design the ambiance that is the most suitable for you and will put you at ease in your private room. With its custom-made furniture, Canela assures original creations that are adapted to your needs and wants with always the promise of top-end furniture.


Floating beds

Floating beds create an impression of lightness as the bedrock is really discreet. Our floating beds are made from reclaimed teak wood and completed with designed bed runners and pillows.

Zen bedroom with floating bed.
Modern floating bed.
Modern floating bed.


Characterized by the wooden pieces around the bed holding the mosquito net, post-beds are cherished by romantic souls. Our post-beds are made from reclaimed teak wood.

Modern chic post-bed.
Romantic post-bed.
Romantic post-bed.

Modern chic bedrooms

The furniture pieces are characterized by their aged appearance and wood composition, highlighted by neutral tones and elegant decorative elements in order to modernize the interior. The atmosphere is zen, thanks to flowers, plants, and flowery paintings. The master bedroom is a mixt of modern chic and baroque, as the armchairs and the golden ornamentation on the bedrock of the bed bring us back to the 17th century.

Modern chic bedroom by Canela Bali.
Modern chic master bedroom by Canela Bali.

Balinese bedrooms

In a desire to kee the essence of the Balinese interior, Canela Bali uses reclaimed teak wooden furniture pieces and chooses the softest fabrics to make you feel comfortable in your room. 

Tropical bedroom.
Refined and soothing bedroom.
Asian style bedroom.
Bali style bedroom.
Zen bedroom.
Bali style bedroom.

Children bedroom

This bedroom is entirely made with reclaimed teak wood. You can find wood for the ceiling, the bedrock of the bed, the stairs, the window contour. It gives the feeling of being closer to nature.

All wooden-made bedroom.
All wooden-made bedroom.

Sofa bed

This room can either be a media room where you just lay on the sofa and watch TV, or it can also be a bedroom with two single beds or a double bed. It is very practical for the guests rooms since you can arrange the disposition according to your guests. 

Sofa bed by Canela Bali.
Sofa bed by Canela Bali.

Lounge chairs

Reminding us the baroque period, these lounge chairs are made from reclaimed teak wood and completed with velvet soft-furniture. You can then add some throw pillows, a long cushion or leave it as its simplest.

Lounge chair in a baroque style.
Baroque lounge chair.
Lounge chair by Canela Bali.

Fluffy armchairs

Covered by soft throw pillows for more cosiness, fluffy armchairs are really pleasant and comfy to sit on.

Orange fluffy armchair.
Red fluffy armchair.

Mosquito nets

Mosquito nets can be a good solution to create an intimate space and a cosy cocoon. 

Mosquito net by Canela Bali.
Mosquito net by Canela Bali.

Twin beds

Twin beds are two separate single beds that can be gathered to form only one double bed. They are ideal for guests rooms since you can arrange the room according to the people sleeping there.

Twin beds in a beachy style.
Modern twin beds.
Modern chic twin beds.
Modern twin beds.

Our mosquito nets can also be suspended to the ceiling thanks to a rail, so you can fold it down and unfold it at your convenience.

Mosquito net on a rail.
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