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An impressive indoor cannot be that impressive without a remarkable outdoor. Very similar as an indoor, it has to be pervaded by your essence. Canela Bali’s role is to fashion the outdoor of your dreams that will last forever. Sunshades, deckchairs, garden tables and many more, Canela has the savoir-faire needed to design the outdoor you dream of.

Corner sofa by Canela Bali.

Sundecks and sunshades

Canela Bali creates sundecks and sunshades with reclaimed teak wood and outfits them with soft furniture for a great rendering.

Sundecks and sunshades.
Beachy-style sundecks and sunshades.
Modern sundecks.
Sundecks in a beachy-style.

Sofas and benches

Our outdoor sofas and benches are made from reclaimed teak wood and completed with soft fabrics for the covers and pillows.

Minimalist outdoor sofa.
Contemporary outdoor sofa.
Relaxing long chairs.
Outdoor lounge chair.


Traditionally used as a tool to labour the Indonesian rice fields, the reclaimed teak wooden poles are also used to create furniture pieces such as these daybeds.

Wooden made daybed.
Outdoor daybed.
Outdoor daybed.


Gazebos are the perfect place to relax on a sunny day or to hide from rainy episodes.

Canela Bali makes them from reclaimed teak wood and completes them with soft covers and throw pillows.

Island shelter.
Luxurious gazebo.
Country-style gazebo.
Hidden gazebo.

Hanging sofas

Ideal for moments of relaxation and tranquility, our hanging sofas are made from reclaimed teak wood and completed with light-coloured soft furniture in a velvet fabric for more comfort and elegance.

Elegant hanging sofa by Canela Bali.
Minimalist hanging sofa.

Modular sofas

Made with reclaimed teak wood, our modular sofas can be moved on the terrace as your wishes and feels.  You can gather them to make only one long sofa, or dispatch them at your convenience.

Modular sofas in a beachy style.
Modular sofa in a beachy style.


The outside dining space is the place where the family and friends are gathered and share a good time, which is why the table needs to be big enough to allow everyone to enjoy the moment. Canela Bali makes the dining-tables from reclaimed teak wood.

Minimalist outdoor dining-table.

Round tables and chairs

Whether it is to have breakfast, coffee time, or just a conversation with family or friends, our round tables are perfect for daily life's moments. Canela Bali makes them from reclaimed teak wood and covers the chairs with designed cushions and back pillows.

Outdoor round table and chairs.
Outdoor round coffee table and chairs.
Outdoor round table and low chairs.


Canela Bali designed this 80m² roof for Bali Dynasty Resort in Kuta, and made it with a sunbrella fabric. Sunbrella fabric has the characteristics to be UV, water, and mildew resistant, stain and fade resistant, breathable and air-dries very quickly, which is perfect for the hot and humid Balinese weather.

Sunbrella roof made by Canela Bali.
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