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Nungu-nange, as the rest of the family, is made of ancient Ikat Flores fabrics. Their quality is superior and they better respect the traditional means of confection. Full of stories, those Ikat textiles are softer and entirely made out of natural products. Yet, the Ikat Flores collection definitely moves with the times through the combination of materials with the modern suede-like textile.


Size: 60cm*45cm



The Ikat Flores textile is 100% composed of cotton. It is a woven fabric dyed with a vegetal dye. The traditional textile is associated to an suede-like textile (polyester).



The back cover is made out of suede-like textile (polyester).


Cover completely removable

Weight : 190g


Optional :

Inside cushion with cotton lining and medium weight white woven polyester filling

Weight : 600g


The whole cushion is 100% made in Indonesia


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